Empower each contact center agent to serve multiple customers simultaneously

Human agent augmentation in real time and across every channel


Replication of natural responses in the human agent's own recorded or synthesized voice

By leveraging our proprietary voice-envelop technology, we can emulate the voice of any contact center agent. When paired with recordings of real-life agent-caller voice interactions, our platform seamlessly augments human agents, enabling them to respond to multiple customer inquiries simultaneously

Continuous feed of customer insights and suggested agent actions tailored to the context of each interaction

By combining voice and/or text based sentiment analysis, entity recognition and predictive models with fully-integrated Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, we increase your agents' readiness and empower them to hyper-personalize each customer call, whether it involves addressing inquiries or selling products and services

Rapid application switching and automated completion of mundane agent tasks required in the case at hand

Save your contact center agents time and effort. Our virtualizer declutters their screens by only showing applications required to process the specific inquiry at hand, and automates time-consuming tasks including customer account searches and information logging across desktop, web and business applications

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Technology with real impact along the entire customer journey



Customer Satisfaction Drivers



Agent Retention Drivers



Contact Center Operational KPIs


Flexible. Scalable. Secure

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Modular architecture allows deployment as a plug-in to your existing contact center platform or as a stand-alone solution


We support more than 200 REST and SOAP web services of widely adopted CCaaS, MLaaS, ERP, CRM and RPA software platforms  

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Enterprise-grade security with data retention, encryption, fault tolerance, user authentication, and secure messaging


Take your first agents live in 6-8 weeks

Phase I

Customer-agent Interaction Analysis

After obtaining real customer-agent recordings over a period of 1-3 weeks, we analyze conversations and how agents fulfill specific customer inquiries. Outputs include a library of more than 95% of agent voice responses, tailored hierarchies of intents and end-to-end blueprints of your service delivery system.

Phase II

Agent voice emulation and AI model training

With access to a rich sample of your agent's voice responses, we leverage our agent-personalized synthesizer to emulate his/her voice, enabling AI to say less frequently-used words like unique names, addresses and account numbers. We also leverage the intent taxonomy to train the AI model, so it can automatically fulfill customer inquiries

Phase III

System integration and software configuration

Our software can integrate with more than 200 platforms and databases via direct connection, REST or SOAP web services. We set up, integrate and configure Realflow based on a combination of the types of customer inquiries, personalized agent requirements and your current infrastructure. Our integration capabilities can pre-lookup accounts, balances, or map locations.  We can also write entities captured as part of our interaction monitoring back into your systems or Call Center Software.

Phase IV

System training in simulated service environments

We conduct a series of simulated caller-agent interactions involving low, medium and high complexity inquiries to test the functionality, usability, interface, compatibility, performance and security of our software and prepare for going live

Phase V

Agent training and Realflow certification

We train contact center agents based on three levels of courses:

101 - Introductory course 

Various ways agents and AI collaborate to fulfill customer service inquiries

201 - Intermediary course

Overview of all functions and how agents utilize them to fulfill inquiries

301 - Advanced course

Agents fulfilling 30+ simulated customer inquiries under supervision



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